Flow Chart - Aeroworks International

Basic arrival procedures

1. Parking spot 1

Parking spot

AWI agents will meet an aircraft at the arrival parking spot. A company van or ramp bus will be used for transportation to the terminal. AWI agents will escort passengers/crew from the parking spot to arrival lobby. AWI agents will also carry their luggage separately by cargo van.

2. Terminal arrival bus gate 2

Terminal arrival bus gate

Passenger/crew will get off the bus or company van and proceed to customs/immigration. AWI agents will escort full procedure.

3. Arrival lobby 3

Arrival lobby

The arrival lobby will be the greeting point for receiving party (local sponsor).

4. Arrival exit 4

Arrival exit

Passenger/crew will come out from the arrival exit after customs/immigration. AWI agents will carry their luggage from the customs area to general car lane.

5. General car lane 5

General car lane

Passenger/crew will get on their cars at general car lane.
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These are basic arrival procedures and there are a few differences at some airports.
Some international airports in Japan have a general aviation terminal.
For more information about each airport, please refer to "Airport Information" or "Contact us".